Craig (nenimo) wrote,

Nick Magazine

So today one of the best magazines has gone, Nickelodeon Magazine. Nickelodeon magazine was where I did my internship, and I was supposed to swing by today to say "Hi" and drop off some comics, it was honestly the most enjoyable place to work ever. I made a ton of friends there and learned more that I ever hoped about production, illustration, comics, and business. The comic section was a great showcase of some of the best comics talented today like Scott Morse, Alec Longstreth, and Sam Henderson just to name a few. And the articles featured some of the most talent illustrators and writers you can find working for any magazine.

They are an amazingly talented bunch, and the comics, illustration, and children's entertainment communities will have suffered a huge loss if Nick Mag isn't around in some form or another anymore.

If you have the chance you should check out the masthead of a couple Nick Mag magazines and search out the staff and keep an eye out for those names (Chris Duffy, Dave Roman, Caitlin Keegan, Vanessa Johnson, and Fernando Dias de Souza to name a couple). I'd be interested to see what they all do next, and whatever it is I know it will be just as good.
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