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Lady Kitsune [10 Apr 2013|02:58pm]

Lady Kitsune, originally uploaded by Craig Arndt.

kitsune lady kitsune yokai youkai monster lady ghost demon japanese illustration myth mythology nine tails 9 tails fox craig arndt art illustration

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Lagertha The Shieldmaiden [04 Apr 2013|03:08pm]

Lagertha The Shieldmaiden, originally uploaded by Craig Arndt.

Been watching a bit of the new History Channel Vikings show. It's pretty good! It has a much more straight forward plot, and about a quarter the characters of Game of Thrones, but some of the story twists are REALLY good and will catch you off guard. Lagertha is also one of the most badass women on TV right now. She'll kick your ass and still have enough time to watch over the farm and cook a solid meal for the kids. Have you started watching the show yet?

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Hey Listen [06 Feb 2013|03:12pm]

Hey Listen, originally uploaded by Craig Arndt.

Of all the Zelda games I find Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask the two most iconic for me. But anyone who's played Ocarina of Time will never forget Navi and her stupid hounding. By the end of the game I didn't know if I wanted to murder my little fairy or just break down crying. Link here has made his choice.Hey!Hey Listen!

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Beth and Plum Bravest Warriors [30 Jan 2013|02:54pm]

Been watching some Bravest Warriors. It's pretty good so far! Like a more mature Adventure Time (makes sense, it's created by the same guy. You should check it out if you haven't The episodes are all on YouTube.

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Toxic Warrior Kaia - Motorcity [17 Jan 2013|03:22pm]

Kaia from Motorcity.Man I love that show, the animation in it is top notch. Working at/for Titmouse is certainly on my bucketlist. Sad to see the show go. Sweet dreams Burners.

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